Video ``We do not want war with Serbia because we are brotherly peoples but we want Serbia to respect Montenegro as a state and the Montenegrins as a people,\'\' said a demonstrator in Cetinje where an international symposium on 19th century...

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Dubrovnik / Crna Gora 1992: Sa Lovcena vila klice, oprosti..

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``We do not want war with Serbia because we are brotherly peoples but we want Serbia to respect Montenegro as a state and the Montenegrins as a people,\'\' said a demonstrator in Cetinje where an international symposium on 19th century Montenegrin ruler and writer Petar Petrovic Njegos was interrupted. The obstruction of the gathering and all the related events in Cetinje provide precious material that can be used by mutually opposing political groups. This time, this is done at the expense of the much celebrated Njegos and amid assumptions that many had wished for the incident to happen and even that it had been orchestrated. President Momir Bulatovic arrived in Cetinje to attend the opening of the exhibition on Njegos but as he came out of his car a youth cried out to him: ``Where are you, traitor of Montenegro?\'\'. Witnesses report that the President had turned and even headed towards the youth but then about twenty more young men appeared, and continued to insult him. According to a colleague, the President made an insulting gesture with his arm, after which the youths attacked his car and the security police intervened. Those invited to attend the seminar were seated in the first row and the entire room was filled with youth from Cetinje. Academician Milisav Babovic, the gray eminence of the Montenegrin Academy of Arts and Sciences, had hardly started reading his report when shouts were heard: ``Serbian nationalism can not be propagated in Cetinje\'\' and ``This is not Serbia\'\' and they started chanting songs about Montenegro and King Nikola. Metropolitan Amfilohije took up the song but was whistled down and booed. Dragutin Vukotic, the President of the Montenegrin Academy, did not succeed in calming down the audience. He was told that the creators of the Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU) were present and that they were selling away all the Montenegrin values, including Njegos himself, and that this was a crime and a betrayal. Following that, the gathering adjourned quietly without security guards or fights. The public was instantly informed about the interruption of the symposium in Cetinje in detailed reports by the state media and in a special programme on TV Montenegro. Interior Minister Nikola Pejakovic showed up in the Evening News programme, watched the unedited footage of the incident, and then announced that seven persons had been arrested, that an inquiry was underway and that he did not know how many people would be arrestedperhaps 37, namely all those who had taken part in the incident. ``We do not all have to love the President of Montenegro but we have to respect and protect the institution of President. Everybody must be aware of this,\'\' said Pejakovic. Minister Pejakovic then proceeded to conclude that the Liberal Alliance (LSCG) was responsible for the incident, that the demonstrators had insulted President Bulatovic, that they had attacked him and injured a few security officers and that they had ``even hit and damaged the President\'s car.\'\' Minister Pejakovic\'s statement was followed by the reaction of LSCG leader Slavko Perovic, who said that his party was not responsible for the ``spontaneous protest by a group of citizens\'\' and that the Police Minister had intentionally accused the Liberal Alliance. And while the public was being informed about the ``truth\'\' of the events in Cetinje, a large special police force started arresting citizens. They broke into apartments not only of those who had taken part in the demonstrations but also of those who had not even been there. Several hundred people gathered in front of the municipal building. Police reinforcments were flown to Cetinje by army helicopters and Cetinje resembled a beseiged city. slavko perovic amfilohije radovic serbia croatia hrvatska niksic podgorica dubrovnik jevrem brkovic herceg novi tivat kotor boka kotorska bar budva ulcinj sveti stefan kolasin zabljak berane danilovgrad lovcen njegos bijelo cavtat konavle cepikuce polje andrijevica buducnost momir bulatovic serbian war rat slobodan milosevic arkan crnagora blackmountain dps mogren Dubrovnik croatia hrvatska war rat montenegro crna gora cetinje serbia srbija yugoslavia serbian serbs srbi LSCG srj scg Crna Gora Serbia Srbija Serbian Yugoslavia croatia Hrvatska chetniks cetnici serbs srbi krajina kosovo cetnik cetinje

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