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socialize (video posnetki)


Video objavil: Stepom85

video 70.000 Ljudi,... 70.000 Ljudi, študensti, delavci, dijaki, upokojenci...VSI!!!


Video objavil: Klemzy92

video 28 12 2008- Shuffle... 28 12 2008- Shuffle Meetup v Ljubljani We did that meetup to socialize, to get to know each other, and oofcourse to shuffle... But unfortenantly we didn't have the music all the time, actually we were most of the time without music :)... Some of them did not shuffle, or weren't caught in the clip. We will make a better clip next time... I promise :) Enyoj anyway :)


Video objavil: the7artifex

video Our crew was created... Our crew was created by 7 friends from different dance clubs in our small country Slovenia, with a purpuse to win the worlds well know licensed TV show "Slovenia has got talent" (in our country). Our mission has always been to progress and socialize through dance. To get judged on "the talent show" for our skills, knowledge and progression, we decided to wear masks. We made it into the shows finals but didn't place in top 2. Because we wanted to progress even more or go abroad and kinda got lucky by getting hooked by our friends media production company, we want to share...


Video objavil: Demokratičn...

video 17. 2. 2014, so svoje... 17. 2. 2014, so svoje sile združile tri napredne, socialistično usmerjene organizacije, Demokratična stranka dela (DSD), Iniciativa za demokratični socialize...

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