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annoy (video posnetki)


Video objavil: Slovenskapest

video Gypsie pupils, 12 to... Gypsie pupils, 12 to 13 years old, raped a 12 year old girl in school in a toilet. The police didn't take action against the perpatrators and the school principal denies that the event ever happened in their school. This is how it is in our country; the police and the authorities don't wan't to act against Gypsie crime and terror, they rather annoy and trouble decent Slovenian people. The beauties of multicultural Europe


Video objavil: craftydude0904

video Smooooooooth Criminal... Smooooooooth Criminal covered by Alien Ant Farm originally by Michael Jackson Expert Guitar 100% FC Gamertag: CraftydudeXBL I got this song with the pepsi cap. My uncle bought me tha pepsi. If you give me a working code ill link you in the next video i do. As many codes you give me = the amount of videos your linked in. However if you give me 3 you have a link in my channel for 1 month starting on the day you gave me that 3rd code. So basically heres the deal 1 Pepsi Code = 1 Video Link 2 Pepsi Codes = 2 Video Links 3 Pepsi Codes = 3 Video Links + A Channel Link for...

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