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Video objavil: jarvist1984

video Might need to 'expand'... Might need to 'expand' this pitch head. Very interesting new cave, only ~40m deep but very good position to tap into end of SysMig and very strong draught. 1st place drill target for 2009.


Video objavil: BinaBana

video video video


Video objavil: Saavik256

video video video


Video objavil: mbfaraon1

video video video


Video objavil: predator3pod

video Digging out some mud :D Digging out some mud :D


Video objavil: k94lif

video ACD digging ACD digging


Video objavil: skatechatham

video Digging through the... Digging through the VHS Crates... one of my favorite old parts, edited with 2 VCR's and music added with an old DJ mixer. This was recorded when our local skate scene went through the 'drop craze'.. you'll know what I mean when you watch it. TJ always had to go the hardest at everything though. It also shows the first kickflip of the stage gap and the first attempt at the big stage gap here in Chatham (check the awesome VHS slo-mo)


Video objavil: SpaceLothar

video Kozoroga v... Kozoroga v Kamniško-Savinjskih Alpah (na Dolgem hrbtu). Starejši si koplje počivališče. Two ibexes in Kamniško-Savinske Alps, Slovenia. The older one is digging a resting hole.


Video objavil: BinkieMcFart...

video While digging around I... While digging around I found some really awful commercials from the past that are so bad it's almost scary. Who on Earth made these commercials? They're appalling! Even Michael Jackson's childhood thinks these commercials are disturbing. The world may have been a simpler place in the 50's, but simplicity did have its negatives.


Video objavil: BalavtoLtd

video In this video... In this video presentation you can see B1 Quick Fit and Digging Bucket both made on Balavto ltd. Attaching bucket to the excavator with B1 Quick Fit. Speciality of B1 Quick fit is posibility of attaching bucket inverted for 180 degrees. B1 hitra spojka in 'Balavto' žlica - priklop žlice na bager V tem videu lahko vidite B1 hitro spojko in izkopno žlico, obe narejeni na Balavtu doo Ajdovscina. B1 hitra spojka omogoča priklop žlice obrnjene za 180 stopinj.

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