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video Vodenje in poučevanje... Vodenje in poučevanje letnih in zimskih športnih aktivnosti v naravi, nepozabni spomini v raznoliki okolici reke Soče. Summer and winter outdoor sports activities, guiding and teaching, enriched with striking memories in lovely surrounding of Soča river.


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video http://www.jelenaradan... At the end of the summer of 2005, Jelena Radan started a fado music tour entitled \"Moja Potraga za Fadom\" (\"My Search for Fado\"), in order to present her latest breaking of new grounds in music. It is a musical story which has outgrown her intimate world of living music and listening to it, which brought her to love fado music, and has grown into singing a story to the audience, a story impregnated with the state and the feeling of \"the saudade,\" the yearning and the pain. The...


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video Jelena Radan has so... Jelena Radan has so far released the albums \"Jelena,\" \"Nije Kraj,\" and \"Moja Potraga za Fadom.\" A new album, entitled \"Novi Dan,\" is soon to be released under the Scardona label. The album \"Nije Kraj\" has had two Porin nominations (for the academy award). Jelena\'s musical journey and exploration has started in her teens, in a number of bands, playing in clubs across Zagreb. She gave her solo career a shot with one of the main roles in the \"Sarajevski Krug\" musical, with which, together...


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video http://www.GanoRiches.... Ganoderma Mushroom The company Dr Myko San Health from Ganoderma mushrooms currently produces 11 preparations, five of which are intended for use against cancer. Though the use of ganoderma mushrooms against diseases has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2500 years (medicinal usage was first mentioned in Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, but was probably practiced long before that) and some are used today as official anti-cancer medications in Japan, China and Korea, these preparations are special blends modified by...


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video Shark Finning; Evil... Shark Finning; Evil and Shameful Practice ************** BBC Witnesses Rescue of Salughter-Bound Dogs! BBC covered Animal Kingdom Foundation's (AKF) rescue operation against dog meat traders in the Philippines last February 2007. A Truckload of delivery, 100 dogs, was intercepted along the highway of Pampanga. The delivery was meant for the Baguio market. Animal Massacre Animal Slaughter cat dog seal dolphin cow pig chicken doggy sex porn whale whaling sports match country obama michael jackson * Bangladesh * Bhutan * Brunei * Cambodia * China * India * Indonesia *...

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