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feared (video posnetki)


Video objavil: AssociatedPress

video Rescue Crews in North... Rescue Crews in North Carolina worked feverishly through the night, after two children were buried by dirt in a construction site accident. Crews say the two...


Video objavil: Euronews

video The number of people killed by the collapse of a building in Bangladesh's capital has risen to at least 147. Another 1000 people ha...


Video objavil: telegraphtv

video Hundreds of people are... Hundreds of people are thought to have been injured, with many feared dead, after a large explosion tore through a fertiliser plant in Texas. A deadly explos...


Video objavil: stelivo1

video More than 1,500... More than 1,500 inmates at a maximum security prison in the Philippines have performed a Michael Jackson tribute for the public. Their routine has become a global internet hit. No commentary on this video.

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