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jewish (video posnetki)


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video A gleyzele Vayn (also... A gleyzele Vayn (also "A Gleyzele Yas") is a Jewish Folk song.


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video izraelski pop hit iz... izraelski pop hit iz 80-ih


Video objavil: Estrag0n

video Malo znana verzija... Malo znana verzija judovske ljudske pesmi Im Nin\' Alu v izvedbi Ofre Haze iz leta 1978.


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video Serbia In August 1942,... Serbia In August 1942, Dr. Harald Turner (the chief of the German civil administration in Serbia) announced that Serbia was the only country in which the "Jewish question" was solved and that Belgrade was the "first city of a New Europe to be Judenfrei." Turner himself attributed this success to Serbian help. The first experiments in mass executions of camp inmates by poison gas were...


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video Lepa Brena -... Lepa Brena - Video Perice Moja Merice; by Lepa Brena & Slatki Greh; BKBAZHE is a writer, poet, and artist. He is the author of DAMAGES (creative nonfiction) —Winner in the Writers Digest Awards and IDENTITIES (poetry). He is published and exhibited in Europe and America. More info at: BK Bazhe Website: Amazon Books & Art by BK Bazhe YouTube Videos by BK Bazhe: Google Blog by BK Bazhe:


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video Yellow Wasps 
Anatomy... Yellow Wasps Anatomy of a War Crime A Film by Ilan Ziv This program chronicles the Yellow Wasps, a Serbian paramilitary unit operating in Bosnia in 1992. They called themselves volunteer patriots defending their people against its many enemies. But to their victims they are criminals, sent to pillage and murder as part of a long-standing plan of naked Serbian aggression. Now refugees, these people \"cleansed\" from their homes recount chilling tales of torture and massacre by the Yellow Wasps. Filmed over two years, YELLOW WASPS documents a...

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