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Video objavil: CandidaCam

video PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED Short 'slo-mo' of what 'actually happened' at the infamous news conference when GW was nearly transformed from a Bush to a Shoe Tree. Note how GW hardly seems to move throughout - except near the end. [Music by Denzel "Eye School" Haines (2008)]


Video objavil: ApachiSLO

video Journalist Ales Pirec... Journalist Ales Pirec sleeping in the air :)


Video objavil: viqtanero

video this song was put... this song was put together in memory of one of the world's greatest artists of all times!


Video objavil: April Watters

video Mumia Abu-Jamal is: an... Mumia Abu-Jamal is: an internationally celebrated black writer and radio journalist author of six books and hundreds of columns and articles organizer and inspiration...


Video objavil: ifjasiapacific

video Release Tissa - a... Release Tissa - a campaign video for the release of J.S. Tissainayagam, a senior Tamil journalist detained for 5 months and charged under the Sri Lanka Government's draconian anti-terrorism laws.


Video objavil: sirius786

video die Pressefreiheit in... die Pressefreiheit in Slowenien EU presidency Präsidentschaft mitglied Zensur Presse Medien Zeitungen slowenische regierung chefredakteur sandra basic hrvatin tageszeitung Lasko Brauerei journalisten journalist slovenija markes politische Beeinflussung Kontrolle


Video objavil: dragannikitovic

video War Crime Trial in... War Crime Trial in Serbia The Anatomy of a Crime by Jovan Dulovic Dusan Vuckovic's defence attorneys Dragoljub Djordjevic and Zivojin Stefanovic certainly face a huge problem if they decide to declare him mentally incompetent and commit him for life. And that would make the only man in Serbia charged with war crimes to date unaccountable Judge Vladimir Bajic is due to open the trial...


Video objavil: cmbilen

video "EVS Volunteer Speaks 5" (Service Volontaire Europeen) Special Thanks to Angélique Marisein Journalist: Engin Yuksel Medin Recording and Editing: Cem Bilen ----- "Engin Was Here 1" An Evs Volunteer in Slovenske Konjice What sort of image does the name EVS conjure up in your mind? ( ----- "EVS Mentor Speaks 1" ( ----- "EVS Volunteer Speaks 4" ( ----- "EVS Volunteer Speaks 3" ( ----- "EVS Volunteer Speaks 2" ( ----- "EVS Volunteer Speaks"...


Video objavil: kukcanoeing

video Video was aired in... Video was aired in July's tv show "Kajak Kanu Magazin" on Slovenian Sport TV. Their TV crew visited my childhood kayak buddies and my first coach preparing for the race of their lives. Now one of the world's best slalom C2s is training at what we're all proud to call our home, the breathtaking Soca river valley. I added some quick & simple subtitles so everyone can watch and understands the video. Journalist: Grega Peternel Camera & Production by Video Oskar:: Belongs to Šport TV:


Video objavil: polnkurackom...

video During the Great Fire... During the Great Fire of Rome (AD 64), Nero was supposed to play a lyre. However, it is well proven that during the 9/11 attacks, Ervin Hladnik Milharčič was thinking about New York's "improved skyline". No wonder if all his friends were at least 1200 kms away from the Ground Zero (approximate distance between New York and Havana). Ervin Hladnik Milharčič is a "journalist" supporting Slovenian neocommunist regime (listed under nr. 107 among 571 guardians of regime), a proven sympathizer with extremist movements (such as Hamas) and an editor of table of contents to...

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