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Video objavil: enews

video Will is caught off... Will is caught off guard when the "Parks and Recreation" actress tries to take his MTV Movie Award. Watch the awkward moment.


Video objavil: Bohinj000

video From railway station... From railway station in Gorizia ( Italia ) to railway station in Nova Gorica ( Slovenia ) is only 3 km. You can come with train in Gorizia from Venezia / Triest and go forward from railway station in Nova Gorica to Bohinj ( Julian Alps ) / Bled along valley of river Soča , Bača (and Sava Bohinjka ) Through Gorizia / Gorica yo go past churchs , parks , monument , castle of Gorizia , square till new common italian-slovenia square with mosaic of Nova Gorica and Gorizia (Gorica) only 38 m from railway station in Nova Gorica in Slovenia.


Video objavil: insoluto

video Skozi oči 11-letne... Skozi oči 11-letne hčere Čarne raziskujemo tematske parke Riminija (IT). Trajanje: 1h 5' Through the eyes of the Slovenian 11 - years daughter Čarna, we are visiting some thematic parks of Rimini's riviera (IT). Duration: 1h 5' In this home video: Mirabilandia, Aquafan, Aquario di Cattolica, Italia in miniatura, Fiabilandia, Rimini's riviera, Delfinario di Rimini


Video objavil: TourFactory

video every room in the... every room in the house. Fully fenced yard, neighborhood with 2 parks, tennis & sports courts picnic. Best buy in the area! ... Tour562953 ...


Video objavil: LovingTheKev...

video 3. 

I looked outside,... 3. I looked outside, still searching. We were in the next, neighboring city but apparently this place has no parks or fields. Not even a nice patch of grass where we can sit. It's completely destroying my plan. "I'm hungry," Molly complained. "It's okay babe, I'll feed you," Nick says, before winking. Errgh, disgusting. I think I just gagged a little. Who does he think he is, some kind of superhero or something? "And how are you going to manage that?" Molly teased. "Like this," I didn't hear any more conversation, they must be making out. Well, whatever. I can get...

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