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radiation (video posnetki)


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video • Study Finds Little Short-Term Cell Phone Health Risk • Cell Phones Linked to Bee Decline • Mayo Clinic Finds Cell Phones Safe in Hospitals • Origin of California Cell Phone Fire Disputed • Cell Phone Ignites, California Man Severely Burned • Study: Cell Phone Users Have Lower Sperm Counts • Study: Drivers Using Cell Phones As Bad As Drunks • Doctors Warn Against Cell Phone Use In Storms Stirling, Victoria Slovenia, Ljubljana Suriname, Paramaribo Pueblo, Colorado Chicago,...


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video Dokaz, da je možno z... Dokaz, da je možno z DY-87 elektronko narediti rentgenske posnetke. Proof that x-ray pictures can be done with DY-87 electron tube, not top quality but it is possible. Radiation is very high, at a distance of 13 cm from the tube is 300-400 mSv/h.


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video Final Score: 36 : 1 Final Score: 36 : 1


Video objavil: alfaradiation

video English below :)... English below :) Plinska mrežica z Torijevim oksidem je oddaljena od dna 4 cm, zato je večina kondenzacijskih sledi od hčerinskih elementov Torija (Radij, Aktinij, Polonij, Bizmut, Svinc..) The mantle is 4 cm from the bottom of the chaimber. So most condensation trails are from daughter elements like Thorium 228 Radium 224, Polonium 216, Radon 220 an so on... When I opened the chamber I also registered little bit higher radiation on my working desk, probably from radioactive gases within the chaimber. (from normaly 15 cpm to 40 cpm).


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video Witness sighting... Witness sighting roport... People heard and seen some unknown flying objects, and that in those parts in which UFO "has been seen" the electricity supply has been discontinued for that time, and also, that other electrical devices like cellphones and such stuff had stopped working... Except the statement of one witness and those footage there has been no other confirmation or denial . Here's a link to the UFO over Slovenia It seems fake to me if you ask me because is 2 soon to tell if is Legit or a good Hoax... But...


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video http://www.balancedhea... "Serious numbers of men over the age of fifty develop issues with prostrate health. The prostate gland is about the scale of a chestnut and sits at the base of the bladder in front of the colon. The prostate surrounds a tube called the urethra which passes piss out of the body. Issues can happen when the prostate becomes enlarged or inflamed to the point of marring pissing and causing grim agony. Such symptoms are might be due just to non-cancerous prostate enlargement, seen ordinarily in aging men, which is known as Benign...

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