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raped (video posnetki)


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video Gypsie pupils, 12 to... Gypsie pupils, 12 to 13 years old, raped a 12 year old girl in school in a toilet. The police didn't take action against the perpatrators and the school principal denies that the event ever happened in their school. This is how it is in our country; the police and the authorities don't wan't to act against Gypsie crime and terror, they rather annoy and trouble decent Slovenian people. The beauties of multicultural Europe


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video Waaaaaat? Waaaaaat?


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video Over 1,300 Kosovo... Over 1,300 Kosovo Serbs in addition to those for whom we know they have been killed and whose remains were handed over to their families by the U.N.M.I.K during the past 8 years, are still listed as missing. In some cases the entire families were kidnapped by the K.L.A at some point during the 1998-1999 war, and after U.N and NATO took over the administration and security of the southern Serbian province. These people were taken away in an unknown direction and, for all we know, disappeared from the face of the earth. Over the years, we have learned that a number of...

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