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travelling (video posnetki)


Video objavil: jkasee

video Upped just to link... Upped just to link this to our blog


Video objavil: AlJazeeraEng...

video The Sri Lankan... The Sri Lankan military has stopped hundreds of Tamils from travelling to the capital Colombo to protest. Many Sri Lankans are still seeking answers about th...


Video objavil: ceilican

video Postojna Cave,... Postojna Cave, Slovenija.


Video objavil: ceilican

video Metelkova - Ljubljana... Metelkova - Ljubljana


Video objavil: TrkajClub

video Okrog vratu sem si... Okrog vratu sem si obesil fotoaparat in ga nosil okrog, vendar ljudje niso vedeli da snemam. Poglejte si realno sliko kaksno je nocno zivljenje v tem nocnem tajskem mestu:)


Video objavil: comboschtap

video After spending 129... After spending 129 hours and 46 minutes on bikes only and doing 1.885km we made it from Slovenia to the Atlantic coast in France.


Video objavil: jkasee

video Tried to wake up my... Tried to wake up my travel buddy Madventures-style, but he's too calm and drowzy xD


Video objavil: JazzPoison

video Accidentally bumped... Accidentally bumped into that concert that day. We were travelling trough Europe, and got stuck in Ljubljana. We knew from friends that is was worth waiting for it, so we got there. An extremely great concert, probably one of the best I've ever seen. Sphere, everybody dancing, and most of all: great and talented musicians! The lead singer (the fancy dressed woman) I accidentaly saw a few weeks before at Samois, the jazz festival by the Seine.


Video objavil: Aphanic

video This is the first... This is the first track of the album "Between two worlds" by Maya Filipič and one of my favorites. Discover it in Jamendo, you can download a copy of the album for free (legally). Maya's page in Jamendo: The album: Info on Maya Filipič: "Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Maya grew up alongside a piano. By the time she started attending music school -at the age of 8- she already knew how to play both piano and violin, but realized from the very start that piano was the best way to express...


Video objavil: worldmovies

video "The iron-willed yet haunted performance of Mitevska lifts the story from affecting to engrossing." Eddie Cockrell VARIETY The second part of acclaimed film maker Christian Wagner's "Balkan Blues" trilogy tells the story of a desperate young mother who risks everything by travelling illegally to Germany in search of her 12 year old daughter. Labina Mitevska gives a highly praised performance as 30-year-old Senada, whose life has been incomplete since her daughter's disappearance ten years ago. Haunted by her experiences in an interment camp during the Bosnian conflict,...

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