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carantania (video posnetki)


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video skupina carantania,ki... skupina carantania,ki je delovala v 80-tih, pozneje nekateri clani v skupini noxire. band carantania from 80's, later some members of the band noxire.


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video Slovenia - small... Slovenia - small Central European country with population of about 2 million. Independent for about 18 years, but with their first own country more than thousand years ago (Carantania). Slovenia is a country between Alps, Adriatic See and Panonia. Since 2004 is a part of European Union and it's the most development country of all 15 members who joined EU in 2004. It has a very good life quality, strong economy, low inflation and every year lower number of unemployed people. Langauge: Slovenian (Slovene). Money: Euro (100 cents). Population: 2.011.614. Capital City:...


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video Hi,my friends. ^^

Now... Hi,my friends. ^^ Now Here is a Country. Slovenia. =D Slovenia, officially the Republic of Slovenia, is a country in Central Europe bordering Italy to the west, the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Croatia to the south and east, Hungary to the northeast, and Austria to the north. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. At various points in Slovenia's history, the country has been part of the Roman Empire, partly the Republic of Venice, the principality Carantania (only modern Slovenia's northern part), the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Austrian Empire...

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