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Video objavil: Vef13

video So yeah basically what... So yeah basically what the title says..just a Demi and Selena video to their song "One and The Same..just kind of random since i'm excited for the premiere of Princess Protection Program tonight :)! Let me know what you think of the vid. From, Vef13 :) P.S. on a sadder note..R.I.P Michael will be missed.


Video objavil: 3FreshMufin3

video fuck it... fuck it...


Video objavil: 143xJonasBro...

video Sorry bout the title... Sorry bout the title of it's wrong it should be 1.7 but hang on to it. So, Bad news.I am cancelling Royal Hours and Twilight. Jessica, Jenna, Shannie & Nicole sorry. BUT!I will make another sory that your gonna be included you 4 girls.:)[J,J,S&N] Sorry for those who aren't included. Do u know?Michael Jackson is dead.:( RIP Michael Jackson. BACK TO THE STORY. Host:Goodevening, I just got a text and Michael Jackson has died. Audience:*frowns, then cries* Nick:WHAT? Joe:I love his Moonwalk dance.I like the moves! Selena:He is the bomb! Ashley:He is the icon of the world...


Video objavil: VRAVOLU1

video video video


Video objavil: AiJayJasper

video video video


Video objavil: nvbrox16

video Oh My Jonas Ep. 87-... Oh My Jonas Ep. 87- Pockets (AN: So, Michael Jackson died and everyone is super depressed and sad. I seriously dont get what the big deal is. I could care less. Thats my opinion. So, yeah. Also. 45 frickin comments on 86?! You guys made my day!!) After school at the Jonass house. Joe and Demi were in their room doing homework and hanging out. Joe was pacing for some reason. He reached for the front pocket of his gray skinny jeans. Then checked all his pockets. He jumped on the bed, startling Demi. He started looking under blankets and pillows. Demi: Joe,...


Video objavil: iMAGx616

video R.I.P. People 
Song... R.I.P. People Song Thriller By Michael Jackson


Video objavil: PuPaWiLd

video video video


Video objavil: tk88ification

video video video


Video objavil: ohmyjemilover16

video Yo yo you peeps!whats... Yo yo you peeps!whats up? Ok now im just waisting time. So Jemisupport547 got the song right. it was "Thriller" By Michael Jackson! Heres the next song " Right now i wanna get lost in a song, Where theres no right or wrong, In my room is where i belong" WHAT SONG IS IT???? ______________________________________________________________ MEANWHILE Nick- Well? ???- UGH! Fine you can sleep on the coach! Nick- (sits on the couch) Thanks Mykey! Mykey- Yeah whatever! MEANWHILE Selena- Hi Mrs. Jonas! Mrs. Jonas-(MRJ) Oh Hi Selena! Havent seen you around since you and...

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