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Video objavil: alfislo2

video Jeff Beck coverin' Sly... Jeff Beck coverin' Sly and Family Stone classic live in Ljubljana 28.6.2011


Video objavil: robertino130...

video video video


Video objavil: video

video TYRANNY Trailer for... TYRANNY Trailer for New Webisodic Series - HIGHER REZ


Video objavil: PeRcpiskot

video video video


Video objavil: STUKOVNIK

video Sound qualitiy is much... Sound qualitiy is much better at higher resolutions


Video objavil: Larisa Shabani

video subcrise me 3 subcrise me 3


Video objavil: XSlapXTasticX

video Song is for... Song is for Entertainment only Song: Give Into Me Artist: Michael Jackson She Always Takes It With A Heart Of Stone 'Cause All She Does Is Throws It Back To Me I've Spent A Lifetime Looking For Someone Don't Try To Understand Me Just Simply Do The Things I Say Love Is A Feeling Give It When I Want It 'Cause I'm On Fire Quench My Desire Give It When I Want It Talk To Me Woman Give In To Me Give In To Me You Always Knew Just How To Make Me Cry And Never Did I Ask You Questions Why It Seems You Get Your Kicks From Hurting Me Don't Try To Understand Me Because Your...


Video objavil: PIPSTRADER

video 2/21/2008 EUR/USD No... 2/21/2008 EUR/USD No Trade Comments: We need the EUR/USD to have a major retracement before considering a new long position. No Trade 2/21/2008 USD/CHF Short 1.1060-80 P/T 1.1000 1.0950 Comments: The USD/CHF is now trading above the main weekly and monthly pivots so we need to look higher for resistance to short. The weekly R1 pivot is at 1.1062 and the daily R2 is a little higher at 1.1074 acting as resistance. We also have the 50 EMA on the daily chart at 1.1082. 2/21/2008 GBP/USD No Trade Comments: The GBP/USD has bounced from the previous lows where it's forming a...


Video objavil: marlon

video <span... <span id=\"video_description_text\">Take me higher....


Video objavil: ijustlovesud...

video video video

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