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unexplained (video posnetki)


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video Shock, Horror, Terror Shock, Horror, Terror


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video Exiled Russian... Exiled Russian oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, has been found dead in his home near London. So far, police say the circumstances of his death are unexplained. As...


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video As I am sure you know... As I am sure you know on the 27th June 2009 the search for bodies from AF flight 447 ended. It was a tragic and still unexplained air crash which shocked the nation and questioned the safety of modern airliners. Also on the 25th June 2009 Michael Jackson known as the King of Pop died of a cardiac arrest. The controversial performer was an icon of the 80s and was known for his amazing performance skills and great music. This video pays tribute to both the King of Pop and all that died on Air France flight 447 in an accident which involved an Airbus A330 plunging into...

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