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waving (video posnetki)


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video LOL LOL


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video it s great it s great


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video video video


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video Nov spletni portal z... Nov spletni portal z rezervnimi deli, material za servise - vse na enem mestu - hitro, ugodno ter iz naslonjača..... Preverite na naši spletni strani


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video One peaceful Sunday,... One peaceful Sunday, two reasonably sane men, a woman, and two complete idiots went to Kamniško sedlo, Slovenia. Quite a lot of waving and falling has been filmed on the way down... Enjoy. Music: Louis Armstrong - Mahogany Hall Stomp


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video World Cup 2010 World Cup 2010


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video Michael Jackson's... Michael Jackson's sister La Toya stops briefly to talk to the media about how the family is coping. She thanks fans for their support following the death of her famous brother. Michael Jackson's father suspects "foul play" over his son's death - as a lawyer insisted the singer's doctor did not give drugs that may have led to cardiac arrest. Dad Joe Jackson said he had a "lot of concerns" over events leading up to the tragedy. He was commenting as details began to emerge of results from a post-mortem carried out on the pop music icon's body. Jackson weighed just 8st...


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video US embassy in Belgrade... US embassy in Belgrade attacked Attack on US embassy in Belgrade Police were not guarding the embassy at the time Several hundred protesters have attacked the US and other embassies in Serbia's capital in anger at Western support for Kosovo's independence. Protesters broke into the US compound in Belgrade and briefly set part of the embassy alight. Firemen later found an unidentified charred body inside. Other embassies were also targeted. The United Nations Security Council condemned the violence. The attacks followed a peaceful rally by at least 150,000 people in...

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