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ying (video posnetki)


Video objavil: LerumSLO

video Videospot pevke Polone... Videospot pevke Polone Furlan. Music video of Slovenian singer, Polona Furlan.


Video objavil: Lerum15

video Videospot pred leti... Videospot pred leti uspešne slovenske pevke, Polone.


Video objavil: dedyjhancarlos

video Ok I know this is... Ok I know this is known and repeated many times but to clear up things.. people say his dance moves are out of this world yes we all know that but we have to acknowledge also is his phenomenon dance moves, his voice and music that is the ying to its yang the combination of three is magnificent and thus no one of any time or anyone in this world could dare to accomplish or make; he is of course and always will be an icon, the king of pop and all round greatest entertainer of all time/world. Dedy Jhan Carlos Mamani Larico Juliaca Peru

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